Contemporary Art Holdings

Martyn Donlin

Martin Donlin is a designer and maker of architectural glass. He studied architectural glass at Swansea and has won numerous awards since leaving college in 1987.
Working closely with the glass industry, Martin Donlin produces contemporary
installations on both large and small scales.

Through image, form, or text, the work can
  • Relate to the physical characteristics and location of a site.
  • Refer to the historical heritage and meaning of a site.
  • Act as a marker establishing an identity of a site, creating a sense of place.
  • Be relevant and accessible to the users of a site.

Some of the work is abstract and concerned with using etched, stained or enamelled glass treatments with light to create an atmosphere or ambience.

Awards include:

Landmark Place, Slough
Acid etched, sandblasted & painted glass
5m x 1m


2001 - Art in Architecture Award, Oracle, Reading.
2000 - Art in Architecture Award, Munich Germany.
2000 - Art in Work Award.
1999 - Library Association, Public Library Building of the Year Award.
1999 - Arts Centre of the Year Award, Arts Council.
1996 - British Gas, Art For Architecture Award.
1993 - Art For Architecture Award, Royal Society of Arts (RSA)
1988 - Crafts Council Setting Up Grant.
1987 - Sir Arthur Evans Travel Scholarship.
1987 - Howard Martin Design Award.
Berlin Clinic
Digitally printed light boxes
Gosport Discovery Centre
Digitally printed glass
Holywood Arches Healthcare Centre, Belfast
Digitally printed glass
15m x 6m
Hammersmith Hospital Renal Unit
Antique glass bonded to toughened glass
Ebbw-Vale Glass Canopy
Silk-screened & enamelled, toughened glass