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Anita Ford

Anita Ford was born in London in 1948. She studied sculpture at Loughborough College of Art where she received a first class honours degree in 1969. Since then, her prolific output has covered all aspects of printmaking, paperworks, ceramics and painting.

‘Process is of great importance not only as a manner of executing an art work, but also as a manner of pacing my thoughts and allowing myself to get in touch with my intuition.’

Over the years, Anita has travelled extensively, notably throughout India, Japan and Europe and has been inspired by diverse cultures and contradictions. Much of her work is anchored in the duality of creativity and destruction. Personal experiences of other cultures, or concerns about the environment often fuel this continuing enquiry.

‘The 'Coloursquare' paintings and prints refer to my discovery of the wayside shrines of Tamil Nadu. They were usually square with a painted edge containing a sacred area on which were placed various objects, flowers, designs, drawings or simply scratches and stains which bore witness to the activities of the people who honoured them. Above all the shrines were bathed in colour, sometimes intensely brilliant sometimes earthy, always arresting in their natural richness.

Five months of every year are spent on a 32’ yacht visiting unexpected places, searching for inspiration. Her current journey through France and Southern Europe will feed her artwork throughout the winter months when she returns to her studio to interpret her travels.

Edged Coloursquare Nine
Editioned Screenprint
Image Size 56 x 56cm
Madurai Four
Acrylic on Canvas
86 x 86cm
£1700      SOLD
Arosa Seven
Hand Finished Silkscreen Monoprint
Image Size 56 x 56cm
Arosa Twenty Four
Hand Finished Silkscreen Monoprint
Image Size 56 x 56cm
Mercurial One
Constructed Paper/Silkscreen/Mixed Media
Image Size 76 x 58cm
Dolphin Wall
Acrylic on Canvas
71 x 48cm