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Brenda Hartill

Brenda Hartill lives in London and has been practising as a printmaker for 20 years. Much of her working time is spent in her studio in the Andalucian mountain village of Gaucin in Southern Spain and on extended visits to the wilds of New Zealand where she was brought up. Her work explores the texture, pattern and light of landscape and ranges from finely drawn figurative work to bold, heavily embossed abstract images.

She uses natural materials to develop her ongoing exploration of growth patterns, universal organic forms, textures and patterns of erosion. From a naturalistic starting point, often embedding or casting natural plant skeletons, she builds the images from an organic base. She often uses silver, gold and copper leaf to enhance her images, adding another dimension to the character of her work.

"I have found that the process of printmaking itself, especially the endless possibilities in mark-making in etching and the unique properties of print, a joy and inspiration. I have always wanted to express the form, structure, colour and textures of the world we live in and have an abiding interest in the primeval, essential structure of the earth and its elements."

Blue Fire I
Image Size 73 x 73cm
Great Copper Elements II
Collaged Etching
Image Size 74 x 85cm
Blue Earth I
Image Size 37 x 39cm
Golden Meltdown I
Collaged Etching
Image Size 74 x 56cm
Inferno I
Image Size 66 x 55cm