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Heidi Lichterman

Heidi Lichterman was born in 1941 in the USA and studied Landscape Architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Inspired by her interest in landscape and nature, Heidi has developed an individual and creative style of weaving. Her lyrical, abstract wall hangings (some as large as 30 feet high) are strongly influenced by their surroundings. Heidi Lichterman enjoys the challenge of making site-specific work that transforms the locations it occupies.

Already established in America, Heidi Lichterman moved to England in 1981 and based her studio near Cambridge. She uses the techniques of Ikat (wrapping and tie-dyeing the yarn before weaving) and of dip-dyeing for her work in silk. Many of her larger pieces are three-dimensional. In 1998, Heidi began to incorporate wire into her work, which allows even more sculptural possibilities.

Heidi Lichterman is a Fellow and former Chairman of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and Chairman of the Cambridge Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. She was also a Member of the former Cambridge Society of Painters and Sculptors and a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.

She has exhibited internationally, and her work is in major corporate and public collections around the world, including Tokyo, Singapore, Djakarta, Hong Kong, USA and England.

Handwoven dip dyed silk & stainless steel
Size 90cm x 90cm
Storm Warning
Ikat Dyed Handwoven Silk
122 x 244cm
Handwoven Ikat dyed silk and enamel coated copper wire
Size 90cm x 90cm
Earthline (detail)