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Kathy Ramsay Carr

Kathy Ramsay Carr spent most of her childhood  in British Columbia, returning there in the 1970s after graduating from Bath Academy of Art, before traveling to Mexico where she lived and worked for many years as head of Design in the National University of Mexico.
She now lives in Devon,working in a studio with a view overlooking 30 miles to Dartmoor, where she regularly walks, as well as visiting North Cornwall, Wales and Scotland for the rugged coastlines, hills and spacious beaches that inspire her. Her paintings during these trips are a direct and instinctive response to the landscape.

Title: Corallo
Medium: Oil on canvas
Image size: 60cm x 30cm
Price: POA
Of Exe and Avocets
Title: Of Exe and Avocets
Medium: oil and gesso on wood
Image size: 80cm x 60cm
Price: POA
  The Dart and the Moor
Title: The Dart and the Moor
Medium: oil, gesso, beeswax and scrim on wood
Image size: 100cm x 95cm
Price: POA
  In The Late Silence
Title: In The Late Silence
Image size: 0cm x 0cm
Price: POA
  Ribbons in the Sand
Title: Ribbons in the Sand
Medium: Oil acrylic on canvas
Image size: 60cm x 40cm
Price: POA