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Vincent Stokes

Vincent Stokes is currently Head of Art at Marlborough College. After spending some time studying theology and philosophy, he completed a degree in Fine Art at de Montfort University, Leicester.

'I enjoy the challenges that abstract painting presents; how one acquires and develops a personal, visual language. The principles underlying my paintings are very simple: the reciprocal yet opposing forces of chaos and order, intuition and rational thought, impulse and considered action.

The American painter Jack Tworkov expressed this well: 'My work explores that area between the calligraphic and the structural - between exuberance of movement and the passion of meditation.'

My subject matter often derives from what I read and listen to, as well as what I see. The painters that influence me most include Robert Motherwell, Jack Tworkov, Richard Diebenkorn, Cy Twombly and Ben Nicholson'.

Genoa II
Acrylic on Board
34 x 47cm
Memory House
Acrylic on Board
15.5 x 22cm
Shipping News
Acrylic on Board
16 x 23.25cm
Acrylic on Board
18 x 26cm