Contemporary Art Holdings

Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn Thomas aims to create images that appear different each time we look at them, depending on changing moods or perspective. Her evocative paintings invite us to a place of quiet contemplation, far removed from everyday life. By drawing us into the atmosphere of the painting, Kathryn encourages us to interact at a very personal level.

On a more universal level, Kathryn urges us to become more aware of the power of nature and see things simply for what they are, acknowledging our fleeting relationship with our planet.

Kathryn's work can be found in both private and public collections worldwide. There is a waiting list for her commissions and her unique talent is sought after to complement special design projects in both private homes and corporate premises.

A little bit of hush
Oil on Linen
122 x 91.5cm
Oil on Linen
76 x 107cm
A little bit of warmth
Oil on Linen
46 x 46cm
Because I'm kissing you
Oil on Linen
91.5 x 107cm
Oil on Linen
61 x 61cm