Fujitsu Services

Fujitsu Services Corridor

‘Colour, lots of it and in a variety of combinations’ was the punchy, to-the-point brief given to us by the Chief Executive of Fujitsu Services following the total refurbishment of their London offices.

Starting with a blank canvas, four artists were selected to work together on a series of specially commissioned large-scale abstract paintings for display throughout the building.

The client was keen to put the finishing touches to the stunning new interior of their period building and the abstract nature of the artwork provided the colour, energy and impact they were looking for.

‘We gave Contemporary Art Holdings Ltd. a completely blank canvas in the brief for art, with no pre-conceived ideas, except a requirement that it be colorful. In retrospect this was very demanding, which makes the way they responded all the more impressive. In a series of short meetings with the key decision makers they were able to identify the right artists for the building and set out a clear plan for either the commission of new work or the acquisition of existing pieces. We are delighted with the result and thoroughly enjoyed the process.’

Group Marketing Director, Fujitsu Services.

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